Sirius A and B Hubble photo

Sirius A and B.


Sirius on February 5th, 2013

Sirius (Alpha Canis Majoris) is one of the brightest stars of the night sky. It is in the constellation Canis Major.

It has an apparent magnitude of -1.46, but it is not brighter in the sky than Jupiter (magnitude can reach -2.94).


<hiero>X1:N14-M44</hiero> Hieroglyph of

Sirius, known in ancient Egypt as Sopdet (Greek: Σῶθις = Sothis), is recorded in the earliest astronomical records.

Sirius is a binary star. It has a small companion, Sirius B, a white dawrf.

It is 8,5 light-years away, so one of the closest stars from Solar System.


It is visible from everywhere, even in a city. Snapshots are also possible, but the star will look smaller than Jupiter.

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