Well, I've been lucky to see again my constellations after more than one week of break due to bad weather. I wondered.

I was prepared, you know?

Taurus Edit


Over the clouds and the trees, was shining Jupiter...

Astrophoto time!

I was happy to see again Pleiades (I see 6 stars) and Hyades. I have seen Theta Tauri 1 and 2, Phaeo and Phaesyla, my second double star of my life!

Canis major Edit


... like Sirius did.

This is the first star I saw this night, when the clouds leaved a part of the sky.

This is also when I photographed the first astrophoto of the night.

Gemini Edit

And the brothers Castor and Pollux.

Orion Edit

Anything else to say? No.

This is the most seen constellation from me...

Auriga Edit

I looked at Capella and saw the rest after.