This is a big night. After observing a new part of the sky, I observed even new constellations!

Small Bear Edit

I observed a part of the constellation, including Polaris.

Big Dipper Edit

Maybe also Alcor (with Mizar). It helped to find Ursa Minor!

Lynx Edit

Only three stars. I thought it was Leo Minor, but it was Lynx constellation. It's the first time I see it.

Leo Edit

I thought it was another constellation.

Puppis Edit

I saw two stars: Tureis and Asmidiske.

Moon Edit

It becomes closer to Jupiter.

Other constellations Edit

Perseus (with mirphak), Cassiopeia, Taurus, Orion, Canis Minor, Canis Major, Gemini, Auriga, Lepus, Cancer, Hydra.

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