This day was a special day.

The early morning Edit

I woke up at 2:45am, and did astronomy during all the night.

Leo Edit

It's the first time I can confirm officially the observation of Leo!

Yeah! BUT, I've been disappointed when I saw that Regulus is not as bright as I thought.

Castor and Pollux Edit

What are you doin' guys at that time?

Cassiopeia Edit

I wanted to see more constellations, so I observed Cassiopeia.

Virgo Edit

With Spica.

Saturn Edit

Saturne capture

I didn't miss the 6 o' clock to observe Saturn, successfully.

I can confirmate the observation of the Lord of the Rings. :)

The evening Edit

I also observed the evening.

But the sky was partly cloudy.

Orion Edit

No more comments.

Taurus Edit

I observed with my mother (did I tell you I'm minor) Jupiter. I also observed Aldebaran.

Auriga Edit

No more comments.

Moon Edit

Smilin' moon.

Sirius Edit

Through the clouds shined Sirius.

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