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The stars are shining!

This night is one of the biggest nights, after February 4th, 2013.

The constellations were low in the sky, so I could look at them easily.

Cassiopeia Edit

I saw the W, plus another star near the group.

Small dog Edit

And Procyon.

It is a star of magnitude +0.38.

Great dog Edit

And Sirius.

Auriga Edit

And Capella. It is a star of magnitude +0.08 (close from +0!)

Cepheus Edit

I was searching for Polaris, and then saw Cepheus. I could not find Polaris, sadly.

Perseus Edit

I saw the horse, and a lot of stars arround.

Orion Edit

A lot of stars have been seen, plus the Orion Nebula.

Taurus Edit

Also Pleiades, Hyades and Jupiter.

Draco Edit

Few stars only.

Gemini Edit

Few stars, including Pollux and Castor.