This weekend was the Astro Weekend Marathon. This night was the biggest one I had.

I observed 11 constellations.

I have some words for that night: So shine bright tonight, they and I.

Andromeda Edit

Not confirmated, but maybe.

Aries/Ram Edit

This is my astrological sign.

Big dipper Edit

The first time of the winter.

I wanna also see Polaris and the small bear constellation.

Orion Edit

I confirmated the observation of the Orion Nebula.

I observated Meissa, Betelgeuse and Rigel.

Fishes/Pisces Edit

The first time of the winter, under Aries and near Taurus and the Whale (Cetus).

Canis Major Edit


Sirius on February 4th, 2013

I saw more stars of the constellation, and I also took a picture of Sirius.

Hare/Lepus Edit

I already saw it.

Taurus Edit

I always see it, with also Orion.

There was Hyades, Pleiades, Aldebaran and Jupiter. I could compare Sirius' and Jupiter's brightness.

Whale Edit

The first time of my whole life.

On the same night, during the early morning Edit

I observed new constellations at 5:30am.

Corvus Edit

No more comments.

Virgo Edit

I also observed Spica.